lechemusic: ¡Lana Del Rey – National Anthem (Afterlife remix) lechestyle: Daft Punk ASOS Sweater!

Lana Del Rey’s music generally divides opinions. One thing is sure though, her songs get the most amazing remixes. Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, and now Afterlife for the track National Anthem.

Sales are great for buying things that you like but not love. ASOS is full of goodies waiting to be taken. Personally, i am buying this Daft Punk sweater. I’m going to wear it for when I go wind-surfing, Sunday food shopping, and generally just for chilling around at the house.

ASOS | ASOS Sweatshirt With Daft Punk Print


3 thoughts on “lechemusic: ¡Lana Del Rey – National Anthem (Afterlife remix) lechestyle: Daft Punk ASOS Sweater!

  1. I absolutely love this song, and the remix is well done. I don’t understand why people have problems with her music– yes, her lyrics can contain some social issues, but she isn’t saying anything radically new, nor is she the only one saying it. I applaud that she is not another boring pop singer and actually puts content into her songs. I think people should just enjoy the music and her unique voice.

    • Thanks for the insightful comment. Popular, out of the ordinary artists that rise quickly to fame are often subjects of differing opinions. I agree with you, enjoy it if you like it, above everything else she is at least interesting and her voice is great.

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