lechemusic: ¡Lovesport – Apart lechestyle: Swims Dark Navy Loafers!

Lovesport is a fairly unknown duo out of New York. Here is their fantastic modern pop track called Apart, under the genre Lovewave.

Swims is a Norwegian footwear brand specializing in durable modern loafers and galoshes made of natural rubber and mesh. Some of them look quite alright, and they are perfect for circumstances when you don’t want to worry about your shoes too much.

MEN’S SWIMS LOAFERS available at Red’s Swagger


4 thoughts on “lechemusic: ¡Lovesport – Apart lechestyle: Swims Dark Navy Loafers!

  1. I love loafers, such a great casual look. These are fun to wear in the rain:) I cannot persuade my husband to wear them, however. inexplicably, he thinks it’s too old fashioned… I am looking for advice and maybe looks to show him to make him change his mind!

    • I’m a big fan of loafers myself, they are so comfortable and go well with a lot of different outfits. Some can be conservative but there are a lot of new styles that your husband cannot possibly call old fashioned 🙂 Like your blog by the way, very stylish.

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