lechemusic: ¡Roisin Murphy with Luca C and Brigante – Flash Of Light lechestyle: COS Slim Green Jeans!

Haunting and hypnotic are adjectives that come to mind when listening to the latest track by Italian producers Luca C & Brigante. Love the xylophone beats together with Roisin Murphy’s loveable raspy voice.

COS is a upscale consumer fashion brand by Swedish clothing behemoth Hennes & Mauritz. Their green slim jeans feel like a serious contender when choosing a pair of colored trousers for this fall, easy to combine for both relaxed and smart purposes.

Green slim and straight jeans by COS

lechemusic: ¡Sgreyes And Friends – Secret Woman lechestyle: COS Classic Fit Blue Shirt!

New loungy disco by Russian producer Sgreyes. Not so much info about him out there, nevertheless, i really like the featured track called Secret Woman. Let’s wait for more, in the meantime, download and share if you like what you hear.

A new slightly more interesting alternative to the usual pallet of sky blue is featured in this fall’s collection from COS. The somewhat oddish color makes it just right for a relaxed summer dinner, brunch or pick-nick. I would wear it with dark clean jeans and a nice black or brown belt. Because of the classic fit i would probably choose to go down maybe two sizes in order to make it suitable for a casual look.

Classic fit blue shirt