lechemusic: ¡Orion – In The End (Music Video)!

Swedish producer Orion together with singer Malin Gustavsson has turned out a catchy summery track. Sounds a bit like Kleerup and Robyn if you ask me, both Swedish, both excellent. For now the track is only available on Swedish Itunes. Orion and Malin are ones to watch out for for sure.

lechemusic: ¡Simian Mobile Disco – Unpatterns lechestyle: Tiger of Sweden Iggy Jeans!

Simian Mobile Disco released their album Unpatterns two days ago on Wichita. The album is also available on soundcloud for listening and sharing. Packed to the rim with high energetic dance music and eclectic beats, i think my personal favorite of the album is track four, A Species Out Of Control.

Very slim with a bit of elastane make Iggy by Tiger of Sweden very comfortable. Perfect wash if you ask me.

Iggy jeans – Tiger of Sweden