lechemusic: ¡Stevie Wonder – Superstition (SIMØNE remix) lechestyle: Jil Sander cardigan!

Stevie Wonder’s classic track Superstition gets a ridiculously good remix by SIMØNE. The Catalan producer creates a completely new atmosphere to the track by adding synths and beats while keeping the soulfulness of the original.


JIL SANDER – Cardigan

lechemusic: ¡Azure Blue – Rule Of Thirds lechestyle: Dustin Tee – Minimum!

Azure Blue is a Stockholm based producer who creates airy, quite minimalistic electro pop tunes. I love the record Rule Of Thirds which has been available on soundcloud for a while now. He has recently also released a elegant instrumental version of Sweet Child Of Mine, also available on his soundcloud page. Perfect for summer chilling, imagine playing this in your car while driving to the beach on a summer day.

Dustin Tee – Minimum – Red/blue t-shirt