New Site

First of all let me start of by apologizing for not blogging so actively lately. The reason for my seldom updates is that I have joined forces with a few friends in order to create a more professional site with a similar focus as lechehelsinki. The new site has been online for a few days so we are still tweaking its functionality, design and content. We decided it was time for an upgrade after receiving so much positive feedback from musicians, fashion brands, and fellow bloggers.

The new site is called Iconsjournal ( where we continue to focus on great modern music and contemporary fashion for men. The online magazine features various categories in both music and fashion, we are going to add more sections during this winter as well. We’ve also included the possibility to follow Iconsjournal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by subscribing via e-mail. I will continue lechehelsinki at times in order to post great music, and to visit the blogs i like and follow. My main focus will nevertheless be on Iconsjournal from now on, I really hope that you will join us there as well. Thank you so much for all the comments and feedback, I sincerely appreciate them.

à bientôt


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